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Dec 13, 2014

0041: Mexican Seafood

The desert is not quite how I imagined it. Images of intensely dry heat, sand dunes and camels and scenes from Lawrence of Arabia spring to mind. It’s a lot more diverse.

Nov 29, 2014

0040: Travelling with HS

I woke early, slightly nervous about crossing the border. For two reasons, the time limit issues I had when arriving in the USA. If they were repeated, would seriously disrupt my plans, and

Nov 16, 2014

0039: Race for the Border pt.3

Crossing the northern Sonoran desert represents an intimidating and almost terrifying challenge for me personally. It's not the animals, the isolation, the heat, even riding on the interstate. But for me, the 'possible'

Nov 4, 2014

0038: Days in the [Desert]

I have spent the past week with Jim and Julie at their home in Tucson Arizona while I sorted out the fiasco of my missing bike and waited for a package from home.

Oct 18, 2014

0035: Statistics to date #2

As before, I am not meticulous about keeping all the facts and figures of my ride. I ride for the views, people, food and freedom And with the messing around of getting on

Oct 18, 2014

0034: New Orleans

Photos of my time in and around New Orleans. Many thanks to my host Krystal for showing me round the city and for my friend Wendy for organising it initially. Banana plants with

Oct 14, 2014

0033: Race for the Border pt. 2

On the morning I was due to leave Foley, I called in at Justin's bike shop East shore cycles to adjust my now damaged headset. We spoke about the route ahead. My plan

Oct 7, 2014

0032: Race for the Border pt.1

"Let me know if you are coming to Atlanta Georgia..." A message popped up on my phone from Chris. An old work colleague and friend I hadn't seen in years. I