0054: Anniversary - A Year in Selfies

0054: Anniversary - A Year in Selfies

Well, the 22nd May 2015 marks the first anniversary of the beginning of my adventures in the Americas.
I tried to select 12 photos of me over the past 12 months but it turned into 38! [Update: + 9 more]
So, here are a few photos of me and not much else....
I didn't realise I was so vain?!

Arrival at Deadhorse Airport, Alaska

Crossing the Arctic Circle, Alaska

The beginning (or end) of the Alaska highway

Watson lake, Yukon

The Icefield Parkway, British Colombia

Near Carmel, Saskatchewan

Headingley, Manitoba

Beaver pelt hat, Manitoba

Crossing to the Bruce Peninisula, Ontario

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

The CN tower, Ontario

Skaneateles, New York State

Brooklyn, NYC

New York Skyline, NYC

In a New York minute (oo-ee-ooo!)

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Atlanta, Georgia

Post excellent BBQ. Houston, Texas

Crossing into Alabama

Florida Shadows

Louisiana drink stop

Beignet fun in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Mighty Mississippi

Happy returned bicycle, Tucson Arizona

University of Arizona

Acupuncture cupping, El Centro, California

Waiting for the sunset, Baja Balifornia

Fish for supper, Baja California

Saguaro. Baja California

The Sea of Cortez, Baja California

Near Guerrero Negro. Baja California Sur

Whale shark spotting. La Paz, BCS

Crossing to Topolobampo, Sinaloa

Christmas Day, Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Guanajuato, Guanajuato

Cenote Chen-Ha, Yucatan

Ferry crossing, Corazal, Belize

A genuine Jabru stork! Belize Zoo

First meal in Guatemala, Petén

Boating at Flores, Petén

Relaxing at Flores, Petén

Exploring Antigua, Guatemala

Waiting for food, Liberia, Costa Rica

Walking the hills around San José, Costa Rica

Celebrating 25,000 kilometres with a Coconut, Panamá

Beating the heat, Chitre, Panamá

Well vanity aside, it's interesting to see how I have changed as well as my surroundings.
Right now in Panama city it is 25C.
My first night in Alaska was somewhere around -25C
Quite a difference.
From one end of a continent to the other.
In a few days time, new adventures in South America
Watch this space.......