0077: Scroll the Credits

0077: Scroll the Credits

As much as I have tried to remember everyone who has helped me along the journey, I have no doubt forgotten someone.

But in name only, I promise you!

If your name is not on the list, please send me a rudely worded message!
I think my biggest regret is that I don't have pictures of everyone.

These people have helped make this entire journey possible.

In chronological order more or less:

Jan 2013
Jason Elliot Harris. www.3ike.es. Madrid
Supplied frame and components at a cheap price.
Support generally.

Feb 2014
Mike Gate. Supplied some components.
Chris Mabbot, Andy Stockdale and Paul Cowell
Bike frame tweaks and 'govvey' jobs.
Paul Morphet, Sammy Smithson and Rob Wilkinson at Stif Mountain bikes
Supply of parts and equipment.

May 2014
David Cushwa and Family. 1st Warmshowers host, in Anchorage Alaska.

Cedric the popcorn guy at the Farmers market in Anchorage. Support and free popcorn!

Brandon the security guard at the Deadhorse camp.

Art Nugteren. Field scientist on the Dalton highway.

Cathy and Bob Anderson. Rescued me at the Arctic circle.

June 2014
Duncan Edwards and Family. Warmshowers host in Fairbanks.

Tim Lezard, Brad McCartney and Lucile Viers. Cycling buddies (for about 2 miles!)

Charlotte Inman and Lulu Marshall- 1st Cycling buddies in Alaska

The crazy street preacher in the middle of nowhere. A can of drink.

Jon 'OBI' Obermeyer. The carpenter that rescued us on a very windy day Lake Kluane, Yukon

Norman and his wife in Whitehorse. Hospitality for 2 nights

Susan and Bob Drury. Warmshowers hosts in Watson Lake.

Manuel Meier. Bear guarding at Cassiar highway junction while I fixed a puncture.

July 2014
Gary and Gwen Hemmerling. Who fed me a fantastic breakfast at Kinaskan park campground in BC, Canada

Lothar Shaefer and Debbie Wellwood. Warmshowers host in Smithers, BC

Isaac and Megan. Megan invited me to stay at her parents home in Austin, Texas. And Isaac in Virginina. Sadly I didn't get to his home.

Monika Shaefer. Hospitality in Jasper BC

Sebastian, Kim and Ihor. Cycling buddies in Lake Louise, BC

Curtis and Bonita Culp. Warmshowers hosts in Dunster

John and Anita Flegg. Warmshowers host in Calgary

Anna Mosolov and Pricilla Tayna. Warmshowers host in Saskatoon, SK

Cathy and Bob Anderson #2. Hospitality in Saskatoon, SK

Lady who gave me $5 for breakfast in Rosetown "It's my brothers birthday!" She said.

Ron and his partner in Fiske ( Highway 7) for giving me lunch.

August 2014
Nina at the visitor centre in Humboldt

Celeste in Dauphin - Couchsurfing caravan camping

Ian Smith and Sheri Fandrey. Warmshowers host in Winnipeg

Doug and Jane - Cycling buddies across Canada.

Derek Joyce - Cycling buddy and free music download

Megan Clark. Warmshowers host in Thunder Bay

Mark, Jane, James and Jenny. Hospitality in Thunder bay

Sept 2014
Chief Isadore Day - Serpent river people. Polite conversation and support

Jim Tilson. Warmshowers host in Little Current

Raphael and Feliciana Keyzer. Hospitality fruit farm camping in Paisley Ontario

Jim and Jake Roth. Warmshowers host in Stratford Ontario

Dan and Ruth Levack in London, Ont. Hospitality and new tyres

Andrew Ross - the mystery Warmshowers host in Missisauga

Daniel and Catherine Duffin - Hospitality in Oakville, Toronto

Mike and Joan Stoll, Niagara falls. My final hosts in Canada.

Norman and Sally Frendberg. Warmshowers host in Rochester

Pete and Hattie Beck Andersen. Warmshowers host in Skaneateles.

Mike and Linda Turner and Judy Ingalls. Warmshowers host in New Hartford.

Dan and Anita Brudos. Warmshowers host in Schenectady.

James Zadubara. Warmshowers host in Hudson, New York state

Tim White, Siji Kompanal and Pumpkin the cat. Warmshowers hosts in New York city

Melanie Rosenberg. Friendship and for buying me dinner

Robert Matson. Bought me lunch in New York city

Richard Finamore and Edi Picon Finamore. Hospitality in Flowery Branch, GA.

Chris Cuthbert and Kim Chrimes. Thanks for dinner!

OCT 2014
Jake May - Paid for a hotel, bought me dinner and and drove me a crazy distance in terrible weather, Carrolton GA

Steve and Wendy Baxter. Warmshowers hosts in Louisville Alabama and headset design

Guy and Pam Wyche. Warmshowers hosts in Andalusia AL

Justin Shanks. Warmshowers host in Foley AL

The Firemen in Mobile AL. Hospitality, food and a ride in the Ambulance.

Wendy Marmol for organising the next two hosts:

Krystal Williams. Hospitality in New Orleans LA

Solangel Dunn and Dale Dunn. Hospitality Denham Springs LA

Sarah Scott. Warmshowers host in Opelusas LA

Jennifer Andrews. Warmshowers host in Lake Charles LA

Robin and Sheila Watts. Warmshowers hosts in Kingwood TX

Carol Montgomery. Warmshowers host in Carmine TX

Megan and Joanie Bentzin. Hospitality in Austin TX

Rama Chavali. Warmshowers host in San Antonio TX

Jim Roth, Julie Redfern and Jake Roth #2. Warmshowers hosts in Tucson AZ

November 2014
Brian and Angela McNeece. Warmshowers host in El Centro CA

Johnanthan Heuberger. Warmshowers host in Alpine CA
Merle Vogel. A gentleman who kindly bought me lunch, San Diego, CA

Judd and Victoria Curran. Warmshowers host in San Diego CA

Liz and Gerardo Sans. Warmshowers host in Tijuana BC

Ian Macintosh. Warmshowers host in Alisitos BC

Tomas and Carmen Valles. Warmshowers host in Ensenada BC

Hugo Salais Cycling Buddy.

Gabino, Lupita and Stefanie. Warmshowers hosts in San Quintin BC

Erick Salas and Family. Cycling hosts in El Roshario BC

Farmer at San Fernando Mission. Caravan hosting.

December 2014
The very camp restaurant owner at Las Palmas truck stop - Camping

Bill Enos Couchsurfing Mulegé

Hotel in Ciudad Insurgentes - Camping in their garden as their rooms didn't have a roof! (New hotel)

Karen Arnaut.Couchsurfing in La Paz

Ina and Judith - Shark swimming buddies in La Paz

Ismael Gerardo Sanchez and his Mother. Warmshowers hosts in Los Mochis

Emmanuel Hernadez and his Son. Warmshowers host in Culiacán

Roberto "Pinky" Joel and the Council of La Cruz de Elote. Free hotel room in the town.

The entire Salais family - Christmas 2014 celebrations

Amoldovar Bond. A truck driver who gave me food and water.

People of Rosamorada pueblo - Water and biscuits

Bernardo, Izhak and all at Casa Ciclista. Warmshowers hosts in Guadalajara, Mexico

January 2015
Charlotte Inman - Cycling partner across Mexico

Dane Frost - Cycling buddy from Oregon

Ramon from the restaurant in Jamay - Camping in front of the lake

Carlos - Security at Penjamo Tequila distillery

Pedro Hernandez Monroy - Drove us to Guanajuato when Charlotte was ill.

John and David. Warmshowers hosts in San Miguel de Allende

Ricardo Castillo CS in Pachuca.

Larissa Galicia and Family. Couchsurfing host in Teotihuacan

Juan Manuel Diáz Zamora . Warmshowers host in Villahermosa.

February 2015
Melissa Moseley - Contacts in Merida, Yucatan

Octavio and Farina Pakulat - Hospitality in Merida.

Celída Padilla - Host, Massage and generally being lovely.

Amanda - Head chef at Casa Catherwood

Berenice Sosa - Photos at Chen-ha Cenote

Pablo Nieto. Warmshowers host in Playa del Carmen

Javier and Clara. Warmshowers host in Playa Del Carmen.

Chloé Goulié - travelled with me to Muyil ruins near Tulum

Ana Venegas Couchsurfing host for 1 night in Tulum

Paco Sao. Warmshowers host in Chetumal

March 2015

Hattieville police station - Camping next to the Police station

Nimet Dogan - Couchsurfing San Ignacio, Belize

Victoria Negreros - Hospitality in Flores, Guatemala and making me work for my camping space!

Esau Corzo - Couchsurfing Sololá, Guatemala

April 2015
Margaret Dodge - Hospitality in San Felipe de Jesus, Guatemala.

Chicken spot restaurant guys in Cara Sucia, El Salvador. Free chicken meal and drink.

Juan Francisco Moreno and family. Warmshowers host in San Salvador

Ricardo in Zacatecoluca, El Salvador. Gave me a dollar for a drink.

Rodrigo Rodriguez. Couchsurfing in Managua, Nicaragua.

May 2015
Wagner. A cyclist in Liberia, Costa Rica who gave me route advice.

Alejandro Guerrero. Couchsurfing in San Jose, Costa Rica. 2 nights.

Rolando Alvaredo. Warmshowers host in Santa Ana. 6 nights

Rodrigo the police man who bought me a cold drink on a hot day.

Elena Ross. Warmshowers in Quepos. (Finca Amanacer). Hospitality then later falsely accused me of theft and vandalism!

Lily and Grant. Hosting at Warmshowers Finca Amanecer.

Carolina. Who gave me some fruit at my 25,000 kilometre

Priscila Laverde and Glenda Hevia. Couchsurfing hosting in Panamá City

Maite Fenandez. Tour guide and friend of an old flatmate from Madrid.

June 2015
Juan Fernando Laverde. Warmshowers in Medellín, Colombia

Maxime Fillion. Cycling buddy for the next couple of thousand km's

Devora Barrera. For not sueing me when I accidentally knocked her off her bike!

Marco Vega Ramos. Couchsurfing host in Cartagena.

Humberto Arcila Mesa. Warmshowers host in Pereira.

Jose Miguel Mora. Warmshowers in Cali. 4 nights

Jarek Castonguay. Cycling buddy

Ronald Meneses. Warmshowers host in Popayan

July 2015
Daimler Muñoz and family in Timbio, Colombia. Bought us food and helped after the robbery

Alvaro Enriquez Perez Coucsurfing in Ipiales (English teacher) Rude man!

Fabio and Gaia. Travel buddies from Italy

Ozcar Hernandez, Judith, Laura and Peluche the dog. Warmshowers host in Ipiales

Daniel and Barbara. Cycling buddies from Argentina

Alex Vizcaino and her son. Couchsurfing in Ibarra

Anny Yepez and family. Couchsurfing in Ibarra

Diego Acosta. Warmshowers host in Quito

Fernando Soto. Agreed to collect a parcel for me as I waited in Quito

Elena and Paula Büettener - Tour buddies in Ecuador

August 2015
Javier Cobo and Family. Warmshowers host in Latacunga

Alex Lopez in Zumbahua. (ride down the mountain to La Maná)

César Herrera - Couchsurfing in Quevedo

Jordan, Mollie and Ana in San Sebastian - Food and shower.

The lady in the restaurant at San Sebastian for letting me camp on her porch.

Cristian Saenz de Viteri - Couchsurfing in Guayaquil

Angelo the cocoa farmer in Tamarindo (ride up the mountain in the dark)

Pedro Astudillo and family - Couchsurfing in Cuenca

September 2015
David Ryan - Cycling buddy through Ecuador and Peru

Tom Devlin-Mahoney - Cycling buddy through Ecuador and Peru.

Police in Yangana - Camping

Police in Namballe - Camping

Cristian and "el Ingeniero" - Ride to Celendin

October 2015
Milena and Stefanie Alva in Couchsurfing hosts in Cajamarca

Oliver and Vilma Couchsurfing hosts in Baños de los Incas

Sabrina Leonor - Warmshowers in Trujillo, Peru

Chris Westgard - Couchsurfing in Lima, Peru

Edgardo - Couchsurfing host in Nasca, Peru

The staff at the Pampas Galeras research station. Hospitality.

Claire Heath and Dave Levick - Assistance in Cusco

Shima-San - Cycling buddy in Bolivia

Paul Dupleitch and family. Warmshowers hosts in Oruro, Bolivia

John, Beatrice and Elliot #1 - Cycling buddies in Bolivia.

November 2015
Grace Donovan - Couchsurfing host in Antofagasta

Diego Simon and friends - Warmshowers in Tal Tal, Chile

Toly and Alejandra Roget - Couchsurfing in Copiapo, Chile

Jean Holloway - Warmshowers host in La Serena, Chile

Fernanda and Javiera. Hospitality in Viña del Mar

Raphael Figueroa - Warmshowers host in Santiago

Christopher Herbekian and Camila - Hospitality in Santiago

December 2015
Lucas German - Hospitality in Mendoza, Argentina

Milagros Perez and Agus Pelliza - Hospitality in Cordóba

The entire Pelliza family for looking after me over Christmas and New Year 2015/16. Gracias!

January 2016
Bomberos in Almafuerte - Camping organised for free

Ignacio Galeto and Clara - Hospitality in Rio cuarto

Leoncio Eder - Couchsurfing in Vicuña Mackenna

Romina Paola and family Couchsurfing in Toay

The Family at the campsite at Casa de Piedras who invited me to their barbeque

Guillermo Peralta - Warmshowers host in General Roca

Camilo Risso - Warmshowers host in Neuquén

Flor y Nahue - Emergency Couchsurfing in Junin de los Andes

The farmer and family who let me camp in the corner of their field.

Ricardo Rizzo and Pili - Hospitality in Villa la Angostura

Esteban Coco - Warmshowers host in San Carlos de Bariloche

February 2016
Fabian Daniluk and family - Organised hospitality in El Bolson

Lucas Cárdenas. Hospitality in El Hoyo

John Beatrice and Elliot #2. Camping under the bridge near Esquel.

Vanesa Vasque. Couchsurfing in Coyhaique.

The Hotel owner in Los Antiguos. For helping when I was short of cash.

Facundo Soto Couchsurfing in Perito Moreno

Lady in the camp site in Gobernador Gregores - Free camping.

The Puma hunters in the wilds of Patagonia. Food and Camping.

The truck driver who insisted I take a ride as I was unable to even walk into the wind. Tres Lagos, Patagonia

March 2016
Mauro and Lucy. Brazilian cycling buddies I met in Porvenir

The family at Estancia Sara. Tierra del Fuego. Food and water.

Nancy Perez. Couchsurfing in Rio Grande

Panaderia La Union. Free hospitality for cyclists. And excellent pastries!

Osvaldo Fernández and family Warmshowers hosts in Ushuaia

Glenda Hevia. CS host in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Agustín and Mailen. Warmshowers host in Buenos Aires.

Ana, Bruno and Mutthilda. Warmshowers host in Lisbon, Portugal

Oscar Garcia and Laura Conde. Hospitality in Huelva.

April 2016
Matteo Zennaro and Luca. Hospitality in Madrid.

To be updated.....I haven't quite finished yet!