0001: Where to begin

0001: Where to begin

For those wanting a brief history
of my previous adventures, you could start by looking at my journey from Madrid to the UK which I completed in July 2011.
The crazyguyonabike website is a resource and collections of journals written by the internet enabled touring cycling community.
My blog is here entitled A Short Ride Home, which may or may not give you some sort of back ground as to what I am doing before this adventure begins. There will be a few updates till then, but the good stuff comes after I start riding.

For those not wanting a brief history,
feel free to bookmark the page and come back at a some time from the end of May 2014 where there will hopefully be a little more content.
See you then!

Update: April 2016.
I completed my journey and arrived in one piece in Ushuaia on 5th March 2016 having cycled 41,622 kilometres!
This blog details that adventure and over the next few weeks and months I will revise every page to provide additional information, photos, texts, maps and more.
Feel free to read it now, but you might want to check again in a short while to see if there are further changes and updates.

Update August 2018.
Time to start rebuilding my blog.
Watch this space for new updates, photos, maps and more information.

Update: Spring 2019.
I´m working on it.....honest...