0011: Set the Traps


Packed and repacked. Then repacked again. For the past few months, I have been making every effort to save space and weight from my bags. Parts have been bought, sold, swapped and changed to make them lighter, stronger, better but still making sure I am comfortable, and safe on my journey.

All my clothes are new. Some not cheap, but right for the conditions.
Equipment serviced, replaced or modified.
Everything lightened as far as sensible.
So WHY do I have so much left over space in my bags?! I haven't made that many changes have I?
Extra space is good for food. Its good for extra warm clothing and for the little memories that will fall into my bags along the way. But it is still a little unnerving and makes me wonder if I have forgotten something. I'm sure I have and I hope that its not a bad moment when I remember exactly what I left behind.

My bike is ready.
Checked, oiled, adjusted, running silently smooth and good to go. In the traps and ready for the off.
Less should be said about the rider.
With no training, my legs will be likely be sore for the next few days. My mood low as my body is forced to switching from fat sedate suburbanite to what man really is. A long distance globetrotter.
I've done it before. It hurts, but passes.

York Minster

Spring is coming, slowly.
A chill tailwind will help me on the way to the ferry at Hull. Pale green leaves unfolding from their winter sleep. Pinks and yellows of flowers in the fields and roadside. Fluttering in the breeze.
All this new life.
New beginning.
New adventures.
Let's go south...
Who's with me?