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Jul 28, 2015

Well I guess it had to be done at some point. I hope you are hungry, because if not, you are about to be!

A selection of the many delicious meals I have had over my journey so far. With a description, when I can remember what I was eating.

Fried Halibut pieces with Honey Butter, Anchorage AK.

First BBQ of many in Fairbanks, AK


First Breakfast in Beaver creek, Yukon

Big celebration dinner in Whitehorse, Yukon

Moose Burgers! at Watson Lake


Chicken wrap in Smithers, BC


Vegetarian chilli in a bread bowl

Butter Chicken somewhere on the Icefield Parkway, AB

Calgary street food. Steak and Onions

Vietnamese seafood soup, Calgary AB


A quick breakfast sandwich in Saskatoon

The best way to cook a Steak! Prince George, BC

Coney Fries. Manitoba

The best breakfast on the prairies, White rabbit Cafe, Manitoba



Ian's excellent home made Pizzas in Winnipeg


Fresh Vegetables from the Keyser Fruit farm in Paisley, Ontario


My celebratory Steak for crossing Canada. Still not as good as Jim Roths!

It's not all good. The famous New York hotdogs were awful!

Soul Food, Carrolton, Georgia


Krystal and a very large chicken salad

Cajun food!


Cajun Seafood Platter

Creole food!

Dinner with Jennifer, Louisiana

A ring of fire. In more ways than one!

Jim Roths world famous smoked Salmon! A+!


Rolls in California

Eggs Benedict and Hash Browns, San Diego CA

Liz preparing Tacos, Tijuana Mexico


BBQ'd Parrot fish and...

Giant Clams with the Salas family in Baja California


Liunch with Chris and Heather, Loreto Baja California


Spicy Crab Chowder


With Karen and Fabio

And Arrachera and Nopales (cactus) with...

Gerardo in Los Mochis, Mexico

Birria. Beef soup

Grilling steak in Culiacán, Mexico


Black corn tortillas

Christmas lunch with the Salais family


Yes, it was hot!

Pink Corn Tortillas

To be continued........#####

(We are not even half way through Mexico yet!)

Matthew Hopkins

An avid cycle tourer and Bicycle Mechanic, I also enjoy cycling, cooking, camping, cinema, computers, internet and tech.

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