0034: New Orleans

Photos of my time in and around New Orleans.
Many thanks to my host Krystal for showing me round the city and for my friend Wendy for organising it initially.

Banana plants with small fruit.
I am definitely in the south now!

Cafe Du Monde sell a unique type of Pastry called a Beignet.
Sort of a donut, but square and more like a pastry. Served with a heavy coat of powdered sugar and a strong local coffee usually.
Delicious and cheap!

Jean D'arc. The maid of (old) Orleans

Matthew and a big Pumpkin

Krystal and a small horse.

A big horse with very glamorous hooves

The miigghtty Mississippi river

Fish and chips Cajun style (and shrimp, oyster, onions, and catfish)

Rolling handmade Cigars.

Hurricane Katrina certainly left its mark on New Orleans when it hit shore almost 10 years ago.
But while the evidence of the damage has mostly been erased and rebuilt, there is still a strong feeling of resentment amongst the people here because of the failure to promptly respond by the authorities.

Crime is still a major problem in areas of the city and it is generally not safe to walk the streets at night.
Still, I never felt unsafe day or night, even though I didnt walk much.
Despite its problems though, the city is very beautiful and has a certain unique character and charm that is welcoming to all.
The people I met were nice, and the food excellent.

If I were a partying person, the area around Bourbon street in the French quarter would be an interesting and exciting place to have some fun.
All in all, another place, like New York city, I hope to return to and explore properly given more time.