0024: Statistics - to date


I'm not great with numbers.
I have always struggled with even the most basic of Mathematics.
I don't keep daily records of statistics, facts and figures of my ride.
Distances, elevations, times, averages speeds etc... It doesn't interest me for the most part.
I ride for the scenery, the senses and the adventure.
I'm not great at record keeping. (This blog is mainly for my personal recollection in the future.)
I only store the most important, significant or relevant information at the time.
I normally set my cycle computer to zero in the morning to give an idea of how much I have done by the end of the day which ideally, should be 50 miles minimum.

But for those that do have an interest, I have typed out a few facts, mostly from memory of where I am to date. (Calgary 24/07/14)

Total mileage = 2580 miles or 4151 kilometres approx.
(Deadhorse to Calgary)
My computer reset itself a while ago, and I haven't got round to sorting it out yet.

Distance to Tierra del Fuego: No idea!

About 8 days of serious rain and countless minor showers.
Coldest day -25C on the first day in Prudhoe bay!
Hottest day: 35C according to a thermometer in a Garage leaving Houston, BC.
Highest pass: 2087m Bow summit on the Icefield parkway from Jasper.
Longest day 107 miles. After leaving Fairbanks, I think. Or to Watson Lake. I can't remember.
Number of 100+ mile days: 4 or 5...
Rest days: 20 ish
Which makes my average distance around 60 miles per day?
Fastest speed: 48.9 mph
Number of days without a shower: 5 or 6
Punctures: 1 after about 2000 miles.
Blown tyre: 1 (+ inner tube) after leaving Fairbanks
Split tyre: 1 near Dease lake
Days on road: 60 I think
Number of insects (knowingly) accidentally swallowed: 3-4
Number of Mosquito bites: 15-20 (not bad considering...)
Number of Bears: 34 including 3 dead ones, sadly.
Mostly Black bears but 4 Grizzlies in there too.
Number of Moose. 7 I think, not counting burgers!
Number of Elk: 1
Biggest thrill so far: Probably the Hummingbirds at the Culp farm in Dunster, BC.
Biggest disappointment so far: American/Canadian Strawberries - they look like Strawberries but that is about it! No flavour, rubbery and damned expensive!

Number of photos to date: 1160 or there abouts.
Number of Videos: about 60
Capacity of photos and videos: 25.98GB!

Anyway it's mostly approximations.
However, there have been an infinite number of fantastic experiences, things seen, people met and of course, little miracles so far.
More than it would be possible to write about.
There are, no doubt, many more to come, so please keep following over the coming weeks and months as I continue to cross the Americas.
Internet is a little sporadic, and it seems the bigger cities aren't necessarily a guarantee of a strong connection.
So I will post a blog as often as I can (be bothered) on this site.
However, I do update my TROLM Facebook page more frequently, so for (slightly) more regular updates, check here. It's public access, so you don't even have to be my friend....
Though you are welcome to invite your friends to view this or the Facebook page.
(If you have any suggestions of things that may interest me along the way, or by way of minor-ish detour, please let me know. My route is not set in stone and I am open to sensible suggestions route or otherwise)

And finally, another bear video!